Endoscopic Back Surgery Cost

Key Factors to Consider When Calculating Endoscopic Spine Surgery Cost

Cost of Endoscopic Back SurgeryWhen considering the cost of endoscopic back surgery it is also important to give some thought towards the surgeon that is offering the procedure. Although you may find a surgeon that offers the lowest endoscopic spine surgery price, their experience or training may be lacking compared to a surgeon with a slightly higher fee. You should look around and see if you can find previous patients of the surgeon you are considering. A lot of important information can be attained this way, including success of the surgery, if there were any complications, or if it matters to you, how were the staff’s and surgeon’s bedside manner.

Other important information that you should consider; is the surgeon board certified? What type of formal training do they have? What is their endoscopic spine surgery success rate? When you have questions, does the surgeon listen to them and then answer them to your satisfaction?

If you cannot truly get a good feel for the surgeon you could always try to ask your referring physician what their opinion is on the surgeon.

Endoscopic Surgery Back Cost – How Much?

Endoscopic back surgery cost can range from $15,000 US upwards depending on the above factors mentioned. If the surgeon doesn’t have access to their own surgical center and requires a hospital to perform the surgery you are looking at a larger bill. It really is that simple; how much does the surgeon charge for his service, and will you need to pay any additional expenses. Because endoscopic back surgery is quite often a same day procedure if there are no complications, you will see a savings on not needing to stay in the hospital.

Endoscopic back surgery cost will also vary depending on the type of procedure performed by the surgeon and the extent of the damage needed to repair.

Other incidental cost such as medication, physical therapy, and a back brace should be planned out as well to gauge what the total endoscopic surgery cost will be. In most cases a back brace is not required but many patients find some minor pain relief while wearing one.

Endoscopic Back Surgery – Success Rate

When talking about surgical success rates in such a wide field it is very difficult to get an accurate picture. Surgeons will have different levels of expertise and training and the specific procedures will have their own success rates. If one wanted you could put the success rate for endoscopic spine surgery at 45% – 95% but these numbers would truly not be accurate. It is best to find out the success rate of the surgeon in question and the procedure being performed. It is also important to note that for a surgery to be deemed as a success the pain only needs to be improved and not completely taken away. Finding previous patient success stories and speaking with your referring physician should help you judge this somewhat accurately.