After Endoscopic Surgery – The Recovery

Endoscopic spine surgery recovery depends on the patient, but is significantly quicker than traditional open back surgery procedures. One of the most common questions a patient has is how long will they have to stay in the hospital. Patients will most often be released from the hospital on the same day after endoscopic surgery. It […]

Endoscopic Back Surgery Cost

Key Factors to Consider When Calculating Endoscopic Spine Surgery Cost When considering the cost of endoscopic back surgery it is also important to give some thought towards the surgeon that is offering the procedure. Although you may find a surgeon that offers the lowest endoscopic spine surgery price, their experience or training may be lacking […]

Endoscopic Spine Surgery vs. Traditional Open Back Surgery

Many people are curious as to what the advantages and disadvantages of these two styles of surgery are. The easy answer is that if the patient is a good candidate endoscopic back surgery will provide the advantage of speeding up the process of surgery and healing. Truly though what are the advantages and disadvantages? Because […]

Spinal Endoscopic Surgery – For the Back and Spine

What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery? Endoscopic spine surgery is a very specific type of surgery that uses specialized video feeds and instruments passed through small incisions to gain access to the damaged area of the spine. The approach, whether it is through the abdomen, chest, or joint cavities will be determined by the specific individual […]