After Endoscopic Surgery – The Recovery

Back Surgery RecoveryEndoscopic spine surgery recovery depends on the patient, but is significantly quicker than traditional open back surgery procedures. One of the most common questions a patient has is how long will they have to stay in the hospital. Patients will most often be released from the hospital on the same day after endoscopic surgery. It truly is that simple, if there are no complications that arise, minimally invasive surgery is so gentle that it does not cause the damage to surrounding tissues that would require an extended hospital stay.

When should I return to work after endoscopic spine surgery?

Each patient and individual circumstance will vary in regards to this question. Factors involved in making this decision include, patient individual healing rate and what type of occupation you would be returning to. For patients returning to the workplace in sedentary jobs such as office work, quite often the patient will be back to work within 1 – 2 weeks. If the occupation is more strenuous, you should expect to be off of work for a longer period of time, with your return date being advised to you by your physician.

How long will my endoscopic spine surgery recovery take?

Aquatic TherapyThis is a good question to ask, and there are some concrete answers to it, but like it was stated earlier all patients heal at different rates. You should expect that you will be up and walking on the same day after endoscopic spine surgery. Most surgeons like to see their patient either the following day or day after to be certain that initial healing is correct. For your first six weeks of endoscopic spine surgery recovery you should expect your activity levels to be restricted to walking and normal day to day activities. Strenuous activities that involve heavy lifting, frequent bending, twisting, turning, or climbing motions should be avoided during this period.

You should expect that after six weeks of healing (with your physicians consent) you will begin your physical therapy. Every patient’s condition and treatment varies in some form; physical therapy will be tailored to the individual including an exercise program that must be followed to achieve optimal results.

Three months after endoscopic spine surgery should lead to you being able to rejoin low impact sports as well as activities that you were avoiding. It is important to learn proper body mechanics while you go through your physical therapy program. Learning proper body mechanics will help you avoid injuring your spine again.

Should I wear a brace for endoscopic spine surgery recovery?

You will likely be provided with a brace after your surgery, but it is seldom required. Many patients find that wearing a back brace while recovering from endoscopic surgery will help reduce some of their pain levels. Your doctor will likely provide you with pain medication to be taken at your discretion.